Payment & Refunds Policy

Payment of the Deposit

You must pay us the Deposit at the same time as you accept our offer set out in the Quote.

Payment of the Balance

You must pay us the Balance at the same time as we deliver the System to the Premises.

Title in the System passes to you on payment of the Balance, provided you have already paid the Deposit and all other amounts you owe us.

Payment methods

Payments under this agreement can be made by bank cheque, money order, cash, debit card, credit card or direct deposit.

When payment is taken to be made

You will be taken to have made payment on the date on which we receive your payment as cleared funds in our bank account.


If you have paid us money under this agreement, but the agreement ends for any of the following reasons before we install the System at your Premises, then when the agreement ends we will promptly refund all of the money you have paid:

if we have not delivered and installed the System at the Premises within 4 weeks after the original Target Date, and you choose to end the agreement under clause 7.7;

if we give you notice of a price increase under clause 5, and you choose to end the agreement in accordance with clause 5.3 rather than accept the price increase; or

Grid Connection Approval is refused.

If any of the equipment quoted is unattainable and you do not agree to equipment of a similar quality to be substituted